Who We Are

Who We Are

"Working to protect refugee rights in the MENA region"

The Center for Refugee Solidarity is an independent Swedish Organization (Registration number: 802487-3658) committed to monitoring the situation of refugees in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and to advocating on their behalf. The Center was founded in early 2014 by Nader G. Attar,Jasmin Fritzsche and Amr El Shora. 

By establishing a Center fully committed to refugees in the region, CRS aims to establish itself as the focal point for documentation and research on issues related to displacement and to create a network among local and international organisations, activists and researchers active in the region.

The Middle East and North Africa has been experiencing several major refugee movements resulting in some of the world most protracted displacements, with refugees originating from Palestine, Sudan, Somalia, Western Sahara, and Iraq. Most recently, the region is witnessing a dramatic refugee crisis unfolding in Syria.

Making rights abuses visible through monitoring, documentation and advocacy, the Center for Refugee Solidarity aims to push key national and international stakeholders to ensure that the rights of refugees in the region are respected and upheld.

The Center for Refugee Solidarity is:

COMMITTED TO OUR MISSION OF DEFENDING refugee rights in the MENA region. Our work is guided by international human rights law and refugee treaties.

ACCURATE & FACTUAL IN OUR FACT-FINDING. We are committed to maintaining high standards of accuracy and fairness.

SUPPORTIVE OF INTERNATIONAL REFUGEE RIGHTS MOVEMENTS AND MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL PARTNERSHIPS. We work closely with a broad range of local and international civil society actors-from local NGOs to local activists-to maximize our impact. 

INDEPENDENT. To ensure our independence, the Center for Refugee Solidarity does not accept government funds, or support from any private funder that could compromise our objectivity and independence. We do not embrace political causes and maintain neutrality.