The ongoing sectarian tensions in Iraq have led to a long-standing crisis of internal displacement. The latest estimates assume that the population of internally displaced person (IDP) in Iraq went up to 2.8 million.

The current peak in the number of IDPs stems from three main sources: Those still internally displaced as a result of sectarian violence between 2006-2008 (around 1.1 million); those who fled to Syria as refugees in 2003, now returning due to the conflict in that country; and those newly displaced as a result of the most recent fighting in Northern Iraq.

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In addition to the IDP population, Iraq’s Kurdistan region is the main host to about 350,000 newly displaced Syrian refugees as well as 16,000 Turkish/Kurdish refugees who have been living in the country for decades.

Legal situation:
  • Iraq has not signed the 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol.