Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy and Terms of Use: Center for Refugee Solidarity Web Site

All published material on this website is the property of Center for Refugee Solidarity unless stated otherwise. If you wish to help promote awareness about refugee situations, please feel free to print, download, or share the information and materials you receive at However, please note that there may be links to external websites, not controlled by Center for Refugee Solidarity, those external links & materials within this site, or linked to this site, are copyrighted by various organizations are subject to their copyright terms. For those external sites & links we can not be held responsible.

Feel free to quote us and link to our site, but please remember to cite Our logo may not be used to link to a website without our permission.


Use of Photos

Many of the photos & designs used in this site have been provided by individual photographers & designers and may not be used without explicit permission from them. Please contact us if you are interested in using these images.


Privacy respects the privacy of its visitors. Visitors are not required to provide personal information to use most of the web site's features. Exceptions include the following features: 'Donate' and 'Contact us'.

When personal information is requested, please rest assured that this information will only be used to alert you to periodic updates (if you have indicated that we may do so). We will not share any individual information that you provide with others as we do not pass your details on to third parties

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