Critique of the EU-Turkey Action Plan

Critique of the EU-Turkey Action Plan


The Center for Refugee Solidarity issued today an Advocacy Letter addressing Chancellor Merkel titled:

Critique of the EU-Turkey Action Plan and Recommendations for Further Policy Measures.

The Center for Refugee Solidarity has written to Chancellor Merkel expressing the organization’s concern over the EU-Turkey Action Plan and furthermore gave recommendations for Further Policy Measures. 

To read the full Advocacy letter ( avilable in HTML & PDF ) please see:



The goal of this Advocacy Letter is to point towards various flaws and shortcomings in the EU-Turkey action plan and to highlight the danger it poses for the vulnerable groups of refugees who currently flee war in Syria and Iraq, as well as for ethnic minorities within Turkey. Moreover, it aims to highlight the danger that the planned readmission agreement between the EU and Turkey, which is enshrined in the action plan, is likely to negatively impact the way in which an asylum decision is reached within the EU.

The Center for Refugee Solidarity believes that more focus and advocacy from all levels should be put on this matter, in order to help in campaigning and advocating for the EU-Turkey action plan to be revised. Therefore we call on you respectively to help us in raising awareness and publicity for this advocacy letter and its content, and advocating it widely on several levels, both nationally and internationally.

For further details about this advocacy letter, comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Center for Refugee Solidarity on: 



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